ROYAL RECRUITMENT was formed as an initiative to address the shortage of financial talent in South Africa and prevent the out flux of skills to foreign countries. We believe that the emigration in recent times of highly talented individuals has opened up huge areas of opportunity which are constantly looking to fill.

We have a dynamic team who adopt a personal approach and can offer the complete service with value added benefits to both the employee and employer. Furthermore, our strength is in ensuring that not only does the candidate possess the academic qualifications and experience but also has the social know-how to be able to fit comfortably into your company. This of critical importance to us in the placement of talent.

    Some of the financial industries that we specialise in are:
  • banking
  • financial services
  • commerce and industry
  • auditing
  • stock broking
  • construction
    We offer the following:
  • temporary contracts
  • permanent positions

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